Vulnerable Parental duo endeavored to end their lives due to Son and Daughter in Law.


Parents are the building blocks of one’s life. They help a child grow in each and every possible way. In return what they deserve is love, care and a lot of attention in old age.

But in today’s harsh world sometimes it happens that the children forget the invaluable contribution of their parents in their lives and start disregarding and disrespecting them. As a result, they start feeling gloomy and unwanted. A recent example of such a heartrending story came into light when a parental duo from Ludhiana tried to commit suicide, being tired of the callous demeanor of their son and daughter in law. They were brought to C.M.C. Ludhiana in a very grave condition.

As per the sources, the old couple namely Gurmeet Singh(60) and Avinash Kaur(53) left a suicide note and held their son, daughter in law and her parents responsible for their tragic plight who were trying to pressurize them even though they had started living separately. The duo is told not to be in condition to speak.  A case has been registered against the culprits.

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