Valuable Tips to Save Women from Getting into Perilous Situations


Hey girls when you set out on voyage alone in a taxi or in an auto especially at night, you might certainly have felt nightmarish in such situation. But if you take extra care of few things, there will be no need to feel anxious about.

We, from Progressive Brains, would like to share with you all gals out there some valuable information which can be enormously functional for you and for the whole world :

1) Avoid Showing Fatigue


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First of all, don’t ever show the driver of a taxi that you are tired. Always be aware of the way the taxi or auto driver is taking you to. If he tries to go the way other than your route, immediately tell him. Long routes are far better than the short and dangerous routes.

2) Inform the Family or Friends


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Whenever you board any conveyance, it is very essential to inform your family or may be your friends about the vehicle details. If possible click the photo of the driver of the taxi (Indeed it should be taken without the driver getting to know about it ).

3) Refrain from Telling about Low/Dead Battery of Your Phone


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Never reveal that your phone is going to be switched off or having low battery. If such thing happens, still pretend to talk to someone falsely and keep speaking about where you have reached and how far you are from your family members. This will deliberately compel him to assume that your family is aware of your location.

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4) Deal with Erroneous Route Firmly:


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If by mistake you did not notice the unknown road, don’t be frightened. Whenever you get to know about it , without delay notify the driver to amend the route towards the last exact path you noticed. In this case we all must be grateful to modern technology as we can make accurate use of Google Map in such cases provided we learn how to check route.


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5) Don’t Hesitate to Assault Instantly If He Pays No Heed to Your Instructions

If he does not do what you said, Don’t threaten him, attack on him at once as these kind of guys least care about verbal threatening. Let him be aware of your anger and aggression. In order to deter him from doing something wrong to you, use your dupatta / scarf or anything you can hold as a weapon against him . If nothing possible, use your nails or even you can pull his hair or neck. This unexpected hasty attack will make him feel disturbed. Keep doing this. If possible, you can scream loudly out of window.

In the end, we pray that no girl ever faces this terrible situation. But if it ever happens to any girl, she will have to act valiant if she wants to save herself.

Soon there will be a time when she will act brave and she will be able to break the gender stereotype of women being delicate, fragile and the ones who always need a man ironically to protect from a man.

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