Top 5 Myths about Thyroid that will destroy your Life


If count the population that suffers from thyroid, then 11% of India’s population, 2% in the UK and 4.6% in the US are suffering from this problem. In recent years, cases of the thyroid have witnessed a steep rise. Lifestyle change and health issues are considered as the major reason behind this increasing case.

Thyroid is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce thyroid hormone. However, people have a certain feeling that due to thyroid issues, they are expecting things like fatigue and weight gain. If the disease is properly treated, the affected person can live a peaceful life. However, if left untreated, hypothyroidism may lead to a poor quality of life. Moreover, it’ll also give birth to certain misconceptions living in which can bring more problems.

Let us now check 5 such thyroid myths that can really make life hard to live:

1. Only Women are prone to Hypothyroidism:

Well, with more and more women getting affected with a thyroid problem, it has given birth to the myth that only women are prone to this problem. Fortunately, this is not true, but men are also prone to this disease. The risk factor that includes is the family history and regular harmful radiation in neck, chest or thyroid area. Whether you’re a man or women and facing of these issues, then you’re bound to get Hypothyroidism.

2. Hypothyroidism Leads to Weight Gain:

Somewhere, this is true, but only if it’s untreated. Generally, the weight gain is around 2-3 kg, but never beyond 5kg. If you’re already carrying heavy weight, then you can’t blame hypothyroidism entirely.

3. Only Older People are Prone to Hyperthyroidism:

Many of the cases in Hyperthyroidism are seen after the age of 60, but it can strike at any age. According to an endocrinologist, hypothyroidism increases with the advancing age and can happen at any age. Young women can develop hyperthyroidism during pregnancy. So don’t be under the impression that only older people are prone to this problem.

4. Depression Leads Hyperthyroidism:

This is entirely wrong. It’s the other way around, persistent sadness is the early symptom of hypothyroidism, and other depression is screened if the thyroid gland is under function. So if you’re under depression, then you’ll not come under hyperthyroidism.

5. More Thyroid Hormone is Safe:

There is a myth that if thyroid hormone helps in treating hypothyroidism, then more hormones will lead to its cure. But this is not entirely wrong. It’s important that you find a right dosage of thyroid hormone medication giving your blood what it needs. You may seek medication to increase the level of thyroid hormone, helping to cure the disease, but it’ll cause side effects such as insomnia, heart palpitations and other problems. Rather than living in this myth, do seek advice from the doctor.


Myths are never true; it’s just an assumption derived from fear and less awareness. Speaking with your doctor and clearing your doubts will certainly help.

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