That’s why Royal Enfield Aka Bullet is the best bike


Yes! We are talking about the Bullet, the one and only machine which is everyone’s favorite and evergreen bike among youngsters all over the world. It crossed the worldwide sales record of Harley Davidson in 2015.

The Royal Enfield commenced the production of bikes in 1893 with its first Standard Model which was 350cc. Now Royal Enfield is producing more than 8 models with different designs and engines. Let’s analyze together why Royal Enfield is always the most wanted bike for the youth.

Iron body and Strong looks:

This is the only bike which is fully made up of iron (Obviously, wires are made with rubber only). In the latest models of the Royal Enfield, the chain cover is replaced with plastic one. Other than this, the entire bike is the same. If we want to plan to go somewhere off road, this is the best bike especially due to its solid body as our safety is the first priority of the Bullet.

Heavy Crank:

Source: Wikimedia

Bullet is having crankshafts which vary from model to model. If we go for the Standard Bullet 350cc, the crank weighs almost 11kgs, but if we think about the Standard Bullet 500cc with self start function than the weight of the crank is around 8kgs. The Bullet is meant for those only who don’t care about mileage. So heavy crank is better, which come in vogue especially in 1970s. Bullet goes smooth and stable if we have heavy crankshafts. The Modern Royal Enfield Electra model has light weight crankshafts and the bike is lighter and better in terms of mileage if compared to the Standard model of the Bullet 350cc.

Catchy Colors:

So far as Colors are concerned, the Royal Enfield knows all about the taste of the youth rightly. In early 80s and 90s, there was no color choice for the Bullet lovers. But now the Royal Enfield has launched so many color variations in almost all of its models. Colors like Desert Storm and Forest Green have become very popular among youth. But if we like the steel look, than we can go for the Classic Chrome. The best thing about the design of the Standard Bullet is that the color stripe around its logo on the petrol tank is not carved by machines, but by professional hands.

So in a nut shell, if we want to make a plan to go to Leh Ladakh or any adventure off road than this is the best bike for us because of its strength, stability, grip on road, pick up, voice and many more.

Don’t we agree?

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia


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  1. Enfield is Royal among bikes.I like standard 350 model of royal enfield.Other models of royal enfield also looks good but Standard 350 is best.

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