Talwars finally got justice but were robbed off their Dignity


And it’s out. Year’s old saga of Aarushi still haunts Noida, country, newspapers, and media always unlocking new facts every day. This also shows the rate of justice in India. In the latest judgment, Allahabad High Court acquitted the parents of Aarushi in a double murder case, a sense of relief to the infamous couple for killing their own daughter.

The couple says they are relieved and feel justice is served but will it bring their daughter back? Will it help them live a life of dignity? Will they ever find peace? And most importantly who killed Arushi? If it’s not the parents then could it be domestic help Hemraj? If yes, then who killed Hemraj?

Where does it all begin?

Image Source: Justice for Aarushi Talwar

It all started 9 years ago in Noida when a 14-year-old girl Aarushi was found dead and a day after 45-year-old domestic help Hemraj. The alleged accused – parents of Aarushi – Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were under trial more by national media than courts and were declared murderer of their only daughter and domestic help Hemraj. It was also framed as honour killing as the high profile doctor could not tolerate illicit relation of their daughter with the servant. Later many stories emerged against parents of Aarushi that filled news channels, newspapers and case became the high profile murder case of the decade. Finally, it was transferred to CBI and thanks to the pace of Indian courts, it has stretched till 2017. CBI in their report said that the parents murdered their daughter and Hemraj which the Allahabad High Court refuted saying the report is not based on evidence and hence cannot be treated substantially.

What is right and what is wrong was all based on assumptions, stories as prospects of evidence kept changing. According to the CBI team, 90% of the evidence at the crime scene was destroyed due to the police’s negligence. The case got media attention and everyone including Aarushi’s school, friends, servant’s family and neighbours everyone kept facing uncomfortable questions. Questions were raised about Aarushi’s character, her association with friends, her parents’ past with no provable information.

Though entertainment industry made a lot of revenue from by making a movie out of it, a journalist wrote a book for the same and even a podcast and music track was released by a YouTube channel and artist respectively. But what there was no justice served to the deceased or to her parents.

Finally, the Talwar couple is proved innocent by the courts after a 9 year trial of national media. But what has parents got in the end – Death of daughter, allegations of killing their own daughter for 9 years and stigma for life. Maybe the court has freed them from the murder case but will society stop looking at them with suspicious eyes? Will they ever return to normal life? Well, the answer is no. Death of your own blood haunts for life and no amount of condolences will help and the blame of killing their own daughter has wretched their life and robbed off their dignity.

Yes, there is a relief but this murder mystery will stay unresolved and the question will always be in every mind: Who killed a 14year girl named Aarushi?

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