Sizzling sensation shining due to love or is it a come back?


The super hot and sizzling sensation, the Haryanvi model turned actress Reema Lamba commonly known as Mallika Sherawat is near 40 years of age but her charm and beauty is still irresistible and alluring. She is back in the B-town after spending quality time with her boy friend, a French businessman.

It’s been a long time, she has not been seen in any of the bollywood movies after her last release “Dirty Politics” in 2015. She seems to be on cloud nine after falling in love with her French lover Cyrille, as she is concentrating more on love than on her bollywood movie projects. But recently, she tweeted some videos to show that how hard is she working to maintain her figure which seems an indication of her come back in the movies. Our experts of Progressive Brains have guessed it perhaps rightly that she is once again having some great plans to showcase her magic on the silver screen.

So guys she is back to show off (perhaps acting this time).

Through the following video she seems to be saying, “You know, I am working so hard on my figure. Mahesh Bhatt ji, please check and give me some opportunity”.

If we think that she was only dating her boy friend, this doesn’t seem to be entirely true as she has done a Chinese movie “Time Raiders” too which was released in August of this year. She did a cameo in the movie and proved that something is better than nothing.

She got separated from her husband Karan Singh Gill, a pilot by profession, after one year of their marriage. But now she is giving the impression that she is madly in love with her French companion.

Image Source: IndianExpress/ Twitter

So let’s see if they really get married and if so, how long they remain together. In a nutshell, what all we can say is all the best to both to them (Mallika Sherwat and Cyrille Auxenfans) and hope to see Mallika Sherawat in her Bollywood projects very soon.

Featured/ Preview Image Source: Twitter/ Instagram


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