See how beauty of the City Beautiful faded on New Year Eve


The City Beautiful ‘Chandigarh’ is known for its serenity, beauty and tranquility. Being considered as one of the most peaceful and safest cities of India, it has been regarded as a secure place for dwelling. Chandigarh, being a hub of innumerous renowned Educational Institutions, witnesses the arrival of a huge number of people, especially youngsters, moving to the city every year. Consequently it has become overcrowded and has been thronged by people everywhere.

A recent incident this year on the New Year Eve, threw negative light on the safety and security measures of the city which have always been boasted of by the authorities . What happened on the New Year Eve could not be called as something remarkable. Around middle of the night, an extensive number of youngsters (who have come from the outer areas of Chandigarh) thronged the roads after drinking alcohol, played loud music in their cars and caused a massive jam on the roads. All this happened in the front of police who was trying helplessly to assure people that nothing bad will happen on the roads of Chandigarh. Some youngsters were also seen with alcohol bottles in hands and dancing in front of media’s cameraperson fearlessly.

Video Source:-  News18Punjab/ Punjab News X

Now the question which arises here is that why this happened and could not be controlled by the Chandigarh Police. The Chandigarh Police is known for being very strict regarding drinking and driving. They used to seize the car and charge big amount in terms of challan. Reason behind can be understood as most of the youngsters, who are doing these kind of things, are staying here in PGs and are in the age group of 18 to 25 years old. They are far from their parents and free to live life with their own sweet will as nobody is watching them.

No doubt, enjoyment and celebrations are important on the day of new year but youngsters must know about the other person safety as well. If Police will be strict, these kind of things would never happen on roads of Chandigarh and it will be a safe city once again.

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