Running on Treadmill or In Open. Which one is better?


Running is the best way to keep the body in shape and disease-free. Many people have a habit of going for jogging for thirty minutes in the morning or working out at the gym.

No matter where you work out, running is essential for the body to warm it up. But, the question of concern is which way is better? Running on a treadmill or running outdoor?

There are many advantages of running on a treadmill which make this option a good option, which are as follows:

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1. Weather-Controlled Environment

The weather is a dynamic and ever-changing factor. It becomes difficult to run in extreme hot or cold weather. But, when it comes to running on a treadmill, a person can simply run in a weather-controlled environment. A person can run in AC rooms and burn the calories.

2. Easy to push beyond the Limits

When a person is running outdoors, it becomes difficult to keep a track on the time and speed. On the other hand, while running on a treadmill keeps a record of the time and speed of a person. It helps in motivating and pushing the body to a new level every day.

3. Inclined Platform

To build muscles and strengthen the body, running on an inclined platform is the best option. An inclined platform helps the body to burn extra calories and provides strength to the muscles.

But, still, there are many people who are prefer running outdoors. Here is the reason why people prefer running in open:

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1. Increased Muscle Activation

If you ever notice, when a person runs in the open he feels a certain amount of freedom. Running outdoors helps in the growth of the muscles, activates the ingrown muscles and tends to work for the progress of overall body.

2. Connects to Nature

Some people feel suffocated and tight while working out at the gym. When a person has a habit of running in the open, he feels a connection with nature. Inhaling fresh air every day and releasing toxins in open makes a body healthy and fit.

3. Variations in Terrains

When a person runs in the open, he experiences a variety of terrains. There are plains and then comes the slope terrain and sometimes comes the rugged terrain. Running on different terrains enhances the muscles of the body and increases the growth. The body becomes habitual of different terrains which in turn helps in strengthening the body.


In a nutshell, running on a treadmill or running in the open are equally helpful and beneficial ways of working out. The main purpose is to run and keep the body active irrelevant of the sources. So, if you love working out at the gym, start the training with 30 minutes on the treadmill.

In case, you hate going to gym, then running in the open is the most befitting option for the body.

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