Pornography ruins your life, or it’s a rumour?


It is often said, “excess of everything is bad” and when it comes to pornography things can get worst. Sex and watching pornography has become a part of life, a source of entertainment and the best way to keep the stress at bay. But, some people tend to get addicted towards pornography and have a habit of regularly watching which in turn lead to adverse effects.

How is pornography ruining your life?

1. High Expectations:

Pornography movies and pictures are specially made for the purpose of entertainment and physical pleasure, but in turn, it has increased the expectation of male and female leading to dissatisfaction, breakups and divorces.

2. Addiction:

Having a habit of watching porn movies once in a while is fine, but if you are getting addicted to movies, then it is going to ruin your life. Studies prove that watching porn regularly changes a person’s way of thinking, leave an impact on the brain and create dullness in sexual life.

3. Lack of Respect:

Due to excessive pornography, people are running towards more fun, something fresh and new. But, on a deeper level, men and women are losing respect for each other, men tend to think of women as objects and women are ignoring good things in men.

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4. Set Back in Career:

Once you get addicted to pornography, it becomes hard to come out of it without any consequences. A normal person’s brain works differently than a person addicted to porn which leads to lack of focus on career, mood swings, losing the job and a total setback in a career.

5. Spoils Relationships:

Pornography can bring a charm in a relationship, but excessive watching can spoil all the relationships. If a person is a porn addict, all he can think about is watching a movie leading to spoiling relationships with family, friends, partner and even children.

To conclude, Pornography is just a simple way to bring charm to life, not an item to be added to a lifestyle. So, enjoy pornography but also know when to stop.

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