Next level of Safety for Chandigarh People.


The horror of being alone at night especially being a working girl or woman is sometimes an extremely frightening experience. Every day we hear a lot of news regarding a huge amount of molestation cases against women which in turn make working girls think twice before they step outside in the dark.

But a welcoming relief has recently been provided to girls or women by Chandigarh Police.

If you are alone or late from office after 10:00pm, not able to get any public transportation, not feeling safe to go home alone or in public conveyance than Chandigarh Police is ready to guard you from any kind of misfortune. You just need to call 100 or 1091 (especially for women and child), and they will be there to drop you from any place to your home in Chandigarh only.

Kiran Kher particularly mentioned in a video that there is no need to take a risk to use a private vehicle at night and she insisted to just call the PCR and they will drop you at your home safely.

So be proud of it and use it.


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