Near Divorce? These 6 points can save your married life from ruining.


There were times when people were not allowed to either meet or see the face of the person with whom they were going to get married. It used to be on the first night after their wedding that they were to meet openly and remain loving towards each other for the rest of their life. But today, due to the advancement which has taken place in societal norms, customs and traditions, people have also become modern in their thinking and accepted both ways of marriage; love and arrange marriage. Today the engaged people have the freedom to meet and even date each other for so many times before getting married.

But the sad thing is that even after meeting each other for so many times prior to marriage and knowing each for a long time, divorce cases are increasing in India more than earlier. After spending 8 or 10 years or even after few months of marriage, married couples want to get separated from each other due to disconcerting reasons.

You can allude to “The Times of India” post to find the illogical reasons behind the divorce.

Here we have few points. If you implement them in your life, I bet you will never face the problems like divorce:

1. Give Ample and Lovely Time to Spouse: – Spare enough time for your partner so that you can discuss each other’s problems, listen to views and talk about the future plans. Keep this in mind that money is necessary but not everything. So come home in time and drink tea or coffee together and talk about daily routine with your partner as long as you can. Do the things together. Despite being husband, spend some time in kitchen to help your spouse. You can join together with your spouse some extra activities like dance classes, swimming and music classes etc. It is will be fun and great way to spend time together.

2. Make love everyday: – It doesn’t only mean that you have to have sex every day. You can just kiss, hug and show love to your partner. If you don’t have time in day than night is the best time to explore each other in many manners. Talk for long hours, Kiss for as long as you feel satisfied. Don’t force anything on each other. As long as you make love everyday in any form, you come closer to each other and have a better understanding of each other.

3. Be loyal: – You should be faithful towards your partner. If you think about extra martial affair with your colleague or want to do fun with your ex than you obviously will lose interest in your life partner. If you spend your partner’s deserved precious time with the other bug, it will ruin your life forever. Be loyal and trustworthy. Show love to your partner from the core of your heart.

4. Give Freedom: – If you like cricket than it doesn’t mean your partner should also follow the same. If you like to go for swimming than it doesn’t mean he/she has to like the same. Give a lot of freedom and space in relationship. If she/he wants to go outside with his/her friends than let him/her go. Because if you restrict the things and show suspicious nature than it might be possible that your partner may start hiding things from you which sooner and later you will realize this but it will be too late to be mended. If your partner wants to go for kitty or some red wine than it doesn’t mean that she is characterless. It simply means that she wants to enjoy in the walls of loyalty. So give freedom with open heart because your partner is yours, so trust him/her.

5. Friendly environment: – As a partner you should spend time like friends, not like typical Indian husband and wife where she is only meant to cook and he is only meant to earn .Come on guys, this is high time when you both earn and both work. If your wife wants to wear jeans or skirt or mini, you should allow because it shows that she is so much comfortable and feels safe with you. If he/she chats and talk to the opposite sex in society or in office, it does not mean that he/she is not loyal. He/ She has his/her own circle outside the house for smooth running of official and social life. So be a friend of your partner by all means. If your partner has some problem than solve it like a friend not like a rigid spouse.

6. Conceive a baby: – If you feel that you are different kind of couple and above said points can not be adopted by you fully, then there is the most suitable resort which you can choose is to plan for conceiving a baby. If you are ready to become parents, it will be a best period of togetherness as you will spend sleepless nights together in looking after the child, you will see your child growing together and you will be the sole witnesses of all the precious moments of your baby’s growth. This will bring you closer and will make you marital bond firm.

So Guys stop ignoring your partner. Just chill, have a cup of coffee, lots of fine wine and endless time of madness together. Then it will be called living life to the fullest. If you have any other point or suggestions, please let me know as well.

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