Motivational short movies for success in life.


In this fast pace life, we often find that not even a single person, in this beautiful world of God’s, is bereft of saying that life is so hectic, chaotic, dismal, monotonous and in today’s world where only money makes the mare go, it is almost next to impossible to pursue our dreams. Everybody is running his/her race of life very swiftly which is inclusive of many problems. We lead our life mechanically thus ignore the real meaning of our life and aspirations. We can see today that people are not happy with what they have. If income increases, desires also become costly. Every day we see people such as the peasants who hang themselves because of bankruptcy, students who commit suicide because of less percentage in examinations and lovers committing suicide due to the marriage disapproval of their parents for their marriage.

So in order to bust the stress of your life, we, hereby, share some of the greatest motivational movies and these movies are inspirational so much so that you will look into the world from a unique perspective.

We assure you that you will feel relaxed in such a manner that you will have a peace of mind which will enable you to lead to the path of your dreams. And once you commence this journey, everyday will be a brand new experience for you.


This is fabulous inspirational narrative written and directed by James David Gore. “Never Give Up” is a story of a young man who is physically challenged. His legs are not in working condition. He is not able to stand on his own feet firmly. This deters him from growth. He cries, screams and feels agony that he is unable to walk steadily. He wants to become a racer but due to his disability, he is not able to do anything. But he does not lose heart and starts practice in the gym But despite all the odds and disabilities, he continues his practice and one day he is able to achieve his dreams due to lots of practice and persistence. So, he becomes a racer with his hard work.

So this movie shows that nothing is impossible in this world. If you have dreams, then have the courage to pursue them and attain success.

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Joycee is a very striking short tale revolving around a girl who gives food to all her family members with her low earnings. But one day she got fed up from her job as she wanted to fulfill her dreams but due to family responsibilities and problems she is not able to even follow her dream. Her grandfather is too old to survive or to do anything by himself. He was a photographer by profession. Now he is put on medicine and can’t even walk. She also wanted to become a photographer like her grandfather. Joycee’s boss asked her to complete the targets otherwise she will be terminated. But one day she saw an advertisement of candid photography competition. The prize of that competition was Canon HD DSLR camera with which she too wanted to accomplish her dream. She clicked many random pictures with her own small camera in a state of free mind and sent the pictures for the competition. By doing this, she achieved her goal and her hard work was awarded with the prize of the camera.

So this is a very heart stirring story with immense inspiration which reflects the theme that you see the reflection in the world of what you feel inside your heart. If you are happy, everything around you will seem to be happy and if you are sad everything around you will seem to be sad. So be positive always as the universe will return you what you think.

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After watching these movies, I am sure, you will feel at least one thing for sure that nothing is impossible in this world. Life is given once to us. We should live it to the fullest with great zeal and never say die spirit.

So don’t watch it alone just share and spread.

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