Migraine: Kill it before it kills you


A migraine is one of the most common problem people are facing due to excessive stress, environmental changes and genital issues.

Surveys say that 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 20 men suffer from a migraine, covering 15% of the population. But, not everybody is aware of the fact that chronic migraines lead to serious illness and fast death.

To avoid the worst situation, Doctors recommend various medicines and treatments, let’s have a look at various treatments and kill the disease before it kills you:

What are the Symptoms of A migraine?

Every disease is associated with various symptoms, and when it comes to a migraine, the symptoms are as follows:

1. Pounding Headache
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Difficulty in falling asleep
5. Chronic fatigue
6. Irritation
7. Disturbed Concentration
8. Sensitivity to Light
9. Muscle Aching

What are the Factors causing Migraine?

There are many symptoms of migraines, but the causes are still unknown. Doctors say there are certain factors that work as migraine triggers which are:

1. Hormonal Changes in Women:

Fluctuation in the estrogens level seems to trigger a migraine in women. History of migraines proves that women suffer headaches before or during periods; some women suffer during pregnancy due to a major drop in the estrogens level in the body.

2. Food:

A healthy diet leads to a healthy body, but for a person suffering from a migraine, there are some items in the diet that can trigger the pain. Some food items like Aged cheese, salty and processed food, alcohol, sweeteners, high caffeinated drinks and fried items are enough to trigger the pain. Also, avoid fasting or skipping a meal during a migraine.

3. Stress:

Excessive stress is the main reason behind a migraine. Change in the sleeping pattern due to stress trigger the headache which in turn causes intense pain and triggers a migraine that can last from 2 to 72 hours.

What is the Treatment for A migraine?

1. Proper Medication:

A migraine can be controlled by proper medication prescribed by the doctor. A doctor prescribes the dosage of medicine according to the health of a person and the intensity of a migraine. If a person is suffering from the severe stage, then medication is going to be strong, but, for better results adhering to the procedure is important.

2. Cleansing of Aura:

Some people believe that the main reason behind a migraine is the aura of a person. It is advisable to get the surroundings clean, meditate and keep the aura cleansed for some relief.

3. Keep a Cool Head:

Experts say that a migraine is mainly caused by stress, but to keep yourself free from the excessive pain, you have to remain stress-free. Use menthol extract to relax your muscles around the forehead and provide a sensation of coldness which in turn relieves pain. Try including breathing exercises and meditation in daily routine to keep the mind at peace.

4. Physical Exercises:

There are some physical exercises and yoga techniques that help in keeping the migraine in control. Make a habit of doing some physical activity like going for a walk in the morning and add yoga in daily routine and say goodbye to a migraine.

5. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a miracle technique that helps a person to find the centre and block the noises of the outside world. For the people suffering from a migraine, acupuncture can do wonders as the needles help a person to relax the nervous system and promote “feel-good” hormones.

To summarise, migraine is a painful disease but can be controlled using some easy techniques, add the above-written treatments in your daily life and cut the pain out of your body forever.

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