How to Induce People and get them in your Ideas?


Pitching an idea is the most difficult part of your work and business. Whether you’re pitching a business idea or project related idea, it is important to be clear and concise. However, above all is to have inviting nature to induce people to your idea. You must have seen in movies where an aspirant businessman tries hard to pitch his idea to established entrepreneurs or investors, but fails to make an attempt. Fortunately, many have an idea approaching skills that induces people towards their idea and join hands to work together.

“Do you have two minutes and listen to my idea?” “I have an idea to work on this project, can I share?” Like these, there are many other lines used for sharing ideas with people and get along with them. Many times, these lines work, but sometimes fail. With these contexts, it is quite difficult to share new ideas and make people hear.

So now let us check some ideal ways to put down your ideas, be it for entrepreneur and or work related and include people into it:

1. Have an Anthropologist Mind

Before placing your ideas, learn about people and track what topics they prefer indulging into, how they approach and how they take up the opinions. Figure out what your colleagues care and how they take ideas. Is it worth to endorse your ideas to them? Considering these points, you need to put forth your ideas. Having an anthropologist mind is always helpful to understand people’s mind and their thoughts.

2. Preparing Self

Whether you’re placing your business ideas or project solution idea, prepare yourself first to present your ideas clearly and confidently. Angel investors invest on entrepreneurs first and then to their ideas. If you sound not-so-confidence and overly smart, then there is a high chance of losing it. Prepare by having self-training of communication and make yourself sound confident to speak.

3. Have a clear Perspective

Clear perspective of your idea is important. If you don’t have an informed perspective, then it can be risky to present an idea and you’ll be deemed as ill-suited protagonist. So if you want to be heard, then come prepared for the meeting and with right views. An idea with clear perspective has a good chance of winning the situation and getting people on-board to work on it.

4. Do your Research Well

Whether you’re presenting idea for the project or pitching for business idea, you need to research well about the project. Check the market and how it will benefit in future. If you’re hunting for the investor, then conduct background check about the investor to know who has he or she invested before? What are their clauses? This will certainly help in pitching your idea to right people in right way.

5. Be Passionate

When you’re pitching your idea, sound yourself passionate and confident, that will infuse in listener too. Explain your idea to the group or individual precisely and explain the negative and positive points both. Being passionate is about having clear-mind and ego-less nature.

6. Stay on the Point

One of the effective ways to keep listener engaged to your ideas is by staying to the point. Make a concise presentation and choose right words that define your goal of the idea. Simple language, not going off-track and having clarity in your mind is important to present your ideas.

Having a valid and effective idea is certainly important, but to present it skilfully is an art, which is important to learn. Be a protagonist with confidence in voice and idea that will induce people to join you.

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