Is Ignorance the real solution?


Cyber crime is a burning issue of the present time that has warmed everyone’s ear in the world. Recently, it was found that women’s have been harassed and humiliated on web heinously. Taking the matter on the serious note few outstanding stars came out and made a video named “NAKED” s with the stars Kalki and RitaBhari.

The story of the video is simple, and video talks why do rapes happen? Who gave the authority to men to control women? Most importantly, is it we women who need to stop living life on our terms or men should be taught to behave and respect women?

Image Source: SCUD / Youtube

We talk about the dresses of a woman, things she does and the way she reacts but by doing this we are just violating their right to freedom and equality. Why we forget the world is of two halves, men and women. So why she is being molested harassed on the web and taunted especially by those hiding behind the computers?

When the creator itself gave women the power to create and bring an offspring in the world then why do we forget that world cannot run without a woman? The short video does not only represents the life of a stars, but shows the dilemma of a every woman whether a commoner or a star.

It is shows the extent of insecurity that breeds in men and in order to satisfy their ego’s they can stoop to any extent. And what we women do? Ignore and bury the matter. But is ignorance the solution?

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No, it’s not. It’s time to take action and tell them that you are not coward like them, who sits behind the screen and dictates. If web can be abused by so called protectors of culture; it can also be used to take a stand for oneself and bring a change in society. File a complain in the cyber crime office and rather than blocking a misogynist report him on Facebook and help others. This may take your little bit of time but it saves many girls, who can be the next target of such idiots.

Take a look:

Video Source: SCUD / Youtube

I would like to conclude by saying, “A woman is an embodiment of power, courage and patience. Don’t confuse her silence with her weakness because she has the power to kill the monsters residing in you; if she decides to take her stand.”

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