High heels- Should we wear them on the cost of health?


Are you obsessed with high heels? If yes, then this blog is especially for you to take note on what heels can do to your body.

Heels, hands down, look very attractive and stylish. Especially, for short height women, who feel a little under confident because of their height, heels are a great way to give them some added height. However, the fact could not be overlooked that there are a number of side effects that heels can cause to your body. This blog discusses as what the effects of heels on different parts of your body are:

1. Feet

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You might have experienced that when you wear heels for a few hours, you want to sit down due to pain in your feet. However, feet act as a weight distributing, shock absorber and cushion for your skeleton, but when continuous and abrupt heel-to-toe pressure is put on your tiny toe bones, then it can cause blisters, in-growth of toe nails and in severe cases can cause nerve damage.

2. Back

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When you put on heels and walk, there is an unnatural sway in your spine that stresses your lumbar region of spine ultimately causing sore lower back. In case you cannot avoid heels on some occasion, then give your back a break by choosing to wear flats or spikes for a few days. Also, do not wear heels for more than a few hours at once.

3. Hips

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For maintaining your balance in heels, you have to force your hips forward, push your chest out and arch your back. All of these together definitely give you a sexy appearance, but inside your body your outer hip muscles and tendons are having a really difficult time to keep up with this unnatural posture.

4. Knees

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Knee is the largest joint and yet another shock absorber in the human body. Though it can withstand trounce but continued use of high heels can put extra pressure on the inner sides accelerating the knees’ wear and tear process and leading to osteoarthritis.

5. Calves

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Walking in high pointed heels can stiffen the Achilles tendons and lead to bunching up of calf muscles. The calves tend to protrude that not only look appalling but are very painful.

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6. Ankles

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It may be very unfortunate if you have to walk on uneven surface while you are wearing high heels. Bumps, potholes and cobblestones can cause you to slip and sprain or even break your ankles. If you land unevenly, you can bruise your elbows, face or even suffer a mild cranial trauma.

A piece of advice

When style comes at the price of your health then it is wiser to go for healthier options than just hanging up on fashion. Even if you want to wear heels, try using it on limited occasions. For daily use you should go for other footwear choices which are as much in trends as the high heels. Pick from the flip flops, shoes, ballinas, trendy floaters or wedge heels and you can still look trendy and glamorous.

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