When Gurmehar Kaur gets support from an unknown Pakistani Friend


Freedom of Speech in India has taken a backseat, and the finest example is the 20-year old DU student Gurmehar Kaur case who has been harshly trolled and branded as an anti-nation after her video campaign went viral which she showcased last year. Kaur, whose year-old placard video series went viral spoke about peace between India and Pakistan, also her martyr father wasn’t killed by Pakistan but because of the war, had fallen into the trap of trolls. The Twitter trolls took the video widely out of context mocking her on the social media.

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Social media has been the major platform for intellectual celebrities who conveniently ignore the details and come out with their views. However, in this escalated case, an Australian resident Fayaz Khan, a Pakistani has come out with the support by sending her love from “Dushman Desh”.

A video in the name of Unity and Humanity:

A video by a Pakistani Fayaz Khan, who is currently residing in Australia, is seen standing with the placard wishing if there could have been peace between two countries. The placard says, “I cannot give you the love of dad, but surely got a brother from Dushman Desh”. Fayaz further writes, he wishes that some day in future there will be no visa restrictions and that we could safely say that every Muslim brother has a Sikh sister.

Video Source: Fayaz Khan

A Lesson to Learn:

The entire Gurmehar Kaur controversy sets a perfect example how people jump to conclusions without giving a second thought. Also, we’re not allowed to agree/disagree with her, and if we do so, we get trolled. Meanwhile, Kaur has backed away from the entire episode reasoning to leave alone as she didn’t want to be the part of hypocrisy, politics and live a normal life without fear of being killed or raped.

But this raised a Question: Being a girl, do we have freedom of Speech?

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