Eight overrated places in India that are hated by the tourists


Some people like to collect things, whereas some like to travel the world and capture each and every moment. A travel enthusiast has a proper list of places to visit at least once in a lifetime.

But, only a traveling freak can understand that there are many places which are famous but are not worth visiting. There are some famous places in India which tourists hate to visit are as follows:

1. Shimla

Survey says that 80% of the population in India loves to visit hill stations during summer holidays. When it comes to planning an outing to a hill station, Shimla comes on the top. But, in reality, for the people looking for peace and serenity, Shimla is the worst choice.

2. Manali

Manali comes on the top of the list of top rated places in India to enjoy snowfall. But, are you ready to walk down the congested roads? Willing to pay a huge amount of money for travel, food and other leisure items? Manali is good place to visit during initial months of the year, but there are not many places to be enjoyed in Manali.

3. Goa

Goa is a dream destination for the youth of the country. But, according to the reports of the surveys conducted about cleanliness and maintenance, Goa comes at the last. Goa beaches are beautiful but its beauty is destroyed by crowd and loud noise polution around the beaches. These reasons are enough to destroy the seaside environment.

4. Munnar

Some people are fond of walking down the tea gardens and cloudy mountains. For those people Munnar is a place to visit, but, 8 out of 10 people who visit Munnar find this place an overrated tourist spot. Apart from tea gardens and mountains, there is no other point to visit.

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5. Ooty

Ooty was once a place famous for hills in the south. But, now this place is only over-crowded and a commercial area where there is no peace. For all the people looking for a perfect holiday destination to relax, Ooty is a wrong choice.

6. Mussoorie

Mussoorie was a place full of green mountains, peace and animals. But, due to deforestation, the place has become highly crowded, dull and boring. If you are fond of watching Kempty falls, and then one day trip to Mussoorie is good, otherwise, save your time and go somewhere else.

7. Versova Beach

People who visit Mumbai are fond of Versova beach. But when they visit the beach they find that it is full of garbage and filth. Ironically the sea is made ugly actually by the crowd that comes to see the beauty of the beach .

8. Leh-Ladakh

Many people in India have a dream to visit Leh-Ladakh especially on a bike. The main purpose is to find peace between the clouds. Well, many surveys state that Leh –Ladakh is a place for spiritual people; it is not a place for adventure seekers. There are temples and markets in Leh-Ladakh which make the place a good option for people who seek religious solace.

So, if you are planning a holiday, go to some other place and explore the real beauty of India instead of these overrated crowded places.

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