Weight Loss With Homemade Drinks


A lean, curvy and fit physique is everyone’s dream and people work really hard to maintain that physique. Hitting gym regularly, following the diet plan, keeping a check on junk food and drinking in limit become a part of the daily regime.

If you are healthy and in desperate need to lose weight, then the first step is to add healthy drinks and cut out some drinks which are bad for health.

Let’s have a look at Best and Worst Drinks for weight loss and plan the schedule in your favour:

Best Drinks for Weight loss

1. Water:

It is commonly said, “Drink your pounds away with Water”. Water is considered a magical drink for people who are working hard to reduce some weight. Drinking enough water every day keeps the body hydrated and helps in shedding away extra fat from the body.

2. Vegetable Juice:

Instead of going for carbonated drinks and aerated packs of juices, add vegetable juices in your daily routine and let your stomach enjoy the detoxification. Vegetable juices are great for your stomach, improve digestion, controls hunger and burn calories too.

3. Black Coffee:

Taking a shot of caffeine is much better than a bottle of soda or energy drinks. For all the coffee lovers who are trying to reduce weight, go for 2-3 cups of coffee in a day and give a boost to your mood and concentration level. It also reduces the chances of diabetes and cancer as it acts as an antioxidant for the body.

4. Green Tea:

If you addicted to tea and coffee, make a slight difference and shift to green tea for better health and fit body. Green tea is an excellent choice for the people who are reducing weight as it is calorie-free. Taking a cup of green tea twice a day stimulates weight loss, improves digestion, burn excessive fat and makes your body feel energised.

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Worst Drinks for Weight loss

1. Coolers:

Summer has arrived and now is the time to enjoy coolers and slush. As the name suggests, coolers are light and airy drinks but are full of calories which are enough to nullify the effect of burnt calories in the gym.

2. Fancy coffee:

Drinking fancy coffee filled with whipped cream, ice-cream, flavoured syrups is enough to add on some extra pounds. If you are fond of fancy coffee, try skimmed milk and little amount of artificial sweeteners to keep the intake of calories less.

3. Carbonated Drinks:

With every sip of the carbonated drink, you take hundreds of calories and harmful toxins. People think that taking soda or carbonated drinks boost weight loss but in a long run they affect the body in the worst manner and harm your digestive system and liver.

4. Full Cream Milk:

Milk is good for all body types but if you are reducing weight then taking full cream milk is the worst drink. Full cream milk is full of fats and calories that hinder weight loss. Instead, shift your focus from full cream to low fat or skimmed milk as they will encourage weight loss.

To summarise, reducing weight is one hell of a task and it requires real commitment and zeal to shed all the extra pounds. Start your daily routine with best drinks for weight loss and enjoy a good physique.

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