About Us

No matter how busy our life is, we are still hungry for latest gossips, recent discoveries and of course the pearls of wisdom that will sail us through our turbulent times. Whether it is the latest news of our beloved city or link ups of our favourite stars, people always have an eye looking for what is trending. So, we thought let’s limit your research efforts and provide you everything trending and happening on the silver platter. Progressive Brains is an online platform that talks about everything under the sky from health, travel, awareness, daily news coverage and more importantly entertainment.

Our daily professional routine makes our life boring. We’re curious to visit a new place that can calm our senses and spend the best time with our loved ones. Of course, you check out online to search for the interesting place you must not miss to visit. Why go elsewhere when Progressive Brains offers you some with captivating articles under Travel section? Similarly, you can even read health related, awareness and inspirational articles that can really make you feel uplifted while you are feeling blue. We bring you a vast array of breaking news from around the world, blogs and articles to provide you ultimate health benefits and relax your freaked out mind and of course all the juicy gossips of B-Town.

What all you can explore?

Know about your City:

At Progressive Brains, we keep you updated with the latest news of your city and across India. Isn’t it important to know what’s happening in your city? Each of our stories is authentic that keeps the viewers up to date even without reading a newspaper or subscribing online version. Exclusively for the Internet generation, our site deals with trending and buzzing articles that will bewitch you and will make your brain tickle with wonders of the world and crazy facts. Progressive Brains touches must-read topics, movie reviews, celebrity gossips, life lessons and trending travel location. The online magazine always has something new for its viewers giving the taste of modern journalism.

Our Ultimate Aim:

1. Creating Awareness:

The aim of this website is to create awareness about life, health and more importantly the about latest news from Indian soil. In a broader sense, Progressive Brains is the wholesome entertainment and lifestyle website for the people of an Indian citizen who hunt for juicy news and want to stay updated by spending less time Googling.

2. Unbiased and Real:

We are aggressive yet Real. Rather than promising News at any Cost; we promise Authentic and unbiased news, knowledge and solutions that are provided after proper scrutiny and research. We aim to bring Virtual Tsunami in Ludhiana city and open the city for Global Exposure and make the youth aware of the opportunities Virtual World can offer.
In nut-shell, Progressive Brains is the solution to de-stress your hectic day and learn about things that would change your life and make you an International Icon by flooding you with wisdom that will make you think out of the box. What do you need to do? Google Progressive Brain and explore the world with us.