6 fascinating fact from Quora about Google.


Google is fantastic in every aspect whether you want to search your favorite things or want to play unlimited games.

What we found on google is an unknown programmer who is 13 years old and has posted 5 amazing facts on Quora. Check it out and have fun.

1. Just type “Atari Breakout” in Google Images and play a wonderful game.



2. If you Write “Askew” in Google search box then It will tilt. Because Ashkew itself means which cannot stay straight or the thing in level.



3. Type “Do a Barrel Roll” then there will be a barrel roll in Google.



4. Type word “Kerning”, and each letter with the name of “kerning” will be kerned.



5. Type the word “Blink HTML”, in search and see the magic of HTML blinking.



6. When you type “Zerg Rush” in search box and watch your page being devoured.


Inspired from: Ibrahim Adnan


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