10 Relationship Goals that actually matter


A relationship is a bond between two people who promise to love each other. It about love, care and making each other feel special. But, a good relationship is not always about cheesy stuff; it is about living and growing together.

Many people set different relationship goals to achieve in a way to strengthen the relationship, but in actual, there are certain relationship goals that matter and help a relationship to grow.

Here is a list of 10 relationship goals that actually matter, check out how many of the goals you have achieved and add the rest in the list to achieve in a relationship:

1. Becoming Gym Buddies Forever:

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Many people say, a relationship is to spoil each other, but in reality, a relationship is about taking each other towards betterment. If you and your partner have a habit of working out, make sure to do it together, it can be hitting the gym or going for yoga. But, adding a physical activity in your relationship helps in improving your health and strengthens the bond between the couple.

2. Planning Short Trips:

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Travelling is one of the stress busting activity for a person. When it comes to a relationship, it is very important for a couple to travel together. It can be making a short trip with friends or family, but if you can travel together without making each other crazy, then you can easily cut the compatibility problem out of the list. Travelling together brings a couple closer and helps them to accept each other with flaws.

3. Unexpected Surprises:

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Often it is said that girls love surprises, but in reality, even boys are fond of surprises. Add the act of spontaneity in your relationship and keep surprising your partner so that the spark remain alive in a relationship.

4. A Date with Family:

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Family is an essential part of a person, and it is very important if your family approves your choice. Once you enter a relationship, it is important to plan a meet with your folks and introduce them to your special someone. Introducing to the parents means you are ready to allow you partner in your family which is another important stepping stone in a relationship.

5. Supporting Each Other’s Dreams:

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Every person has some personal goals to achieve in life. But, sometimes when a person enters into a relationship, your partner acts as a distraction. But, in case of a healthy relationship, your partner encourages you to achieve your personal goals. Supporting each other in fulfilling dreams is one of the relationship goal that actually matters, and if you are working on it, then you are in a right relationship.

6. Saying your Thoughts out Loud:

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A relationship should be a happy place where you and your partner feel comfortable not a pressure cooker full of heat and stress. If you and your partner can talk about anything from business to intimacy to family, and feel the freedom of saying anything, then you are in a healthy relationship. Become best friend first then a lovable couple to keep the bond pure and contented.

7. Cooking Together:

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There is a saying, “a couple who cooks together, stay together”. Cooking together creates a sentimental yet naughty bond between the couple and let them understand about each other’s tastes, allergies, preferences in food. Make a habit of cooking a meal together at least once in a week and create memories to laugh out loud in future.

8. The Best Sex Ever:

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A relationship is full of romance and passion, a drive to make each other crazy in any way possible. A happy couple is the one who knows how to have fun and be passionate about each other. Promise each other to keep the passion alive in bed and keep sex exciting forever.

9. A Shoulder to Cry on:

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There are happy moments, but sometimes there are sad moments when you need a shoulder for support. Whenever you feel sad and distant, if your partner is capable of handling those mood swings, tears and tantrums, still finds you adorable then your relationship just unlocked a new level of care.

10. A Constant Listener:

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Many people have a habit of talking and not listening. But when you are in a relationship, the best part is the ability to listen to your partner during tough times. To improve understanding in a relationship, learn the act of listening carefully not just hearing without interrupting.

A relationship is to love and accept each other, but to make a relationship long lasting and beautiful, try completing each and every goal and help each other become a better person.

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